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The best laid schemes oí Mice aní Men Gang aft agley.Ē  
Robert Burns, Scotlandís national bard



It is a fact of life on the water that your boat will take a battering at times, if not from the waves then from a misjudged approach to your berth, being hauled up the beach or from some simple mishap by a visitor operating the heads. No matter how careful you are problems can occur.


The old proverb of a stitch in time saving nine is particularly appropriate for boats. It's very tempting to skip a bit of maintenance or repair this year but that can mean bad news in the future and a bit of neglect today can lead to a lot of worry tomorrow. Thatís where Northboats can help.


We offer a mobile maintenance and repair service for your boat. We can come to you to ensure routine maintenance tasks are undertaken carefully and effectively and on time, or to carry out repairs to ensure that you are back on the water as soon as possible.


Alternatively, if space is available you can bring your boat to us and we will service it at our premises.

There are generous discounts on offer for regular maintenance contracts, too.