Congratulations - you have found the Northboats blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and revisit us often.

Northboats is a small family-run traditional wooden boatbuilding business set deep in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We are a wee bit away from the sea and the only smell of salt in our nostrils is when the council gritters treat the roads in winter.

We are probably nearer the summits of Scotland's highest mountain range, the Cairngorms, than we are to much of the coast, but being central it means most of north and north-east Scotland's coastline is within an easy car drive from here - or a slightly longer van drive if towing a boat.

That's why this blog is called Hulls in the hills.

I can't see gulls or puffins or dolphins from my workshop but I can see pheasants and buzzards and deer and badgers and the occasional hungry falcon just waiting for me to bend over to fix a leaky garboard or varnish a thwart so she can pounce and sink her talons into my backside. I am keeping a piece of 9mm Robbins Elite plywood down my overalls, just in case.

Keep in touch with us through theis blog and discover more about our current boatbuilding projects and all the fun and games as Northboats tries to beat the recession and the cuts and to keep one of Scotland's traditional industries alive.

If you want to get in touch, do e-mail me at I'd love to hear from you.

Happy sailing.

Mike the Boatbuilder