The glorious spring weather over the yard this year has allowed a great deal of work to be done outdoors. For the first time in many months, the wood-burning stove has been redundant and my whole-body base-lyer underwear has been confined to my sock-drawer.
There have been some comings and goings, too. One of the goings has been Little Auk, our much-loved SeaHawk trailer-sailer which we rescued from the garden of a north hotel back in 2004. Her hull was holed and she looked ready to be turned into a plant-pot. Over the next couple of years we restored her, inside and out, and subsequently had many happy days sailing her on the west coast.
We sold her earlier this year and she has just arrived in her new home - Riga, Latvia - where she will feel the waters of the Baltic under her keel for the first time. It was a long road tow from Scotland to Latvia, via Dover, but she arrived without any problem.
As she left, a new boat arrived here. Ensay Mist is a 36-year-old Westerly Centaur and has now been extensively refitted by Northboats inside and out, with a hull re-paint (she's red no longer) and new internal fittings including chart table, dining table, locker doors, new seats and fabric and rewiring of the instruments. Happily, we are part owners of Ensay Mist in a three-person syndicate so we hope to enjoy the fruits of our labours on the water soon.
The two boats are pictured together on the day Little Auk left. Hope she has as much fun in her new home as she had here.
Come back soon for details of Ensay Mist's renovation.